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Where’s My Bat Cave?

Where’s My Bat Cave?

You know when your watching a movie about a super hero and there is sometimes a scene where the super hero starts to lose their power. They become weak and have to regroup in order to gain their power back? It isn’t usually till they have completely given up that their power begins to kick in again. … Continue reading

Viva La Revolution!! [PHOTOS]

Viva La Revolution!! [PHOTOS]

Wow! A lot has been going on since my last post. School has been whoopin my arse with two papers a week. For that reason I have been kinda laggin in the blog department, but here I am. So a month ago yesterday, a movement started. It began with people in New York marching against … Continue reading

Effects of Slavery: Introduction

Slavery is one many things that affect all Americans. There are so many people who don’t understand the huge impression that slavery has on our country physically and psychologically. Many people tend to think that since slavery is over, it should no longer concern us. This way of thinking is extremely untrue and dangerous. Slavery has everything … Continue reading

We Pay Your Salary, You Work For Us!

Just a little while ago was news that the Supreme Court of this “great” United States made a decision to assassinate a man named Troy Davis from Georgia who has been proven to be NOT guilty for murdering a cop. This man has spent many years in jail dodging numerous attempts at his death. Seven … Continue reading

A Riot Is The Language of the Unheard

So when do we start this riot? We are definitely unheard right now. The republican party is trying to reform our entire country. From social security, to unemployment, to Medicare and Medicaid. Right now, we have republican nominees debating who is going to do the best job at turning this country into a corporation and … Continue reading

“But My Best Friend Is Black” O.o

You won’t see many posts by me that don’t include some sort of factual evidence or statistic. After watching this video I couldn’t refrain from voicing my opinion about this dweeb. Before I go on, please watch the video: Okay so this young man said many things that should offend anyone with some sense. The … Continue reading