black n greek. sacramento cali. singer. web/graphic designer. faison designs. leo. 8/18/74. artist. family. peach pleasures. the beach. red. mambo/underground gangsta rap/happy rock. herbs. art and artists. afros. realness. humble men. kitty kats and lions. all animules. lotsa covers. flannel. spiced chai. foccacia bread. sunshine. loyalty. blunt. robert deniro. truth. basketball. colors. culture. vacations. technology. astrology. horatio. dexter. ben matlock. marilyn monroe. dean martin. rembatika. pastisio. music=life. coconut. cancun. california. florida. smarties. gardens. showergel. target. american cheese. wine. steel reserves. courvoisier & rootbeer. peace. compliments. good hearts. creative minds. freestyle kings. american boys. classic kicks. stretch jeans. oak park. south sac. e40. keaks voice. mixed pride. grammas&granpas. bizet. pin-up&vintage decor. singing is my oulet. road trips. la momma morta. loved or hated or loved and hated. sac kings. fetish for pretty color skin, thick eyebrows and full lips (doesnt all have to be together). learning. plane rides. road trips. writing poems. peta. intolerant for intolerance. impatient. jeans/tennies. fades. size does matter. hella sweet or hella not. opinionated. agree to disagree. snappy. and ive already made up my mind half the time. cont.


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