Where’s My Bat Cave?

You know when your watching a movie about a super hero and there is sometimes a scene where the super hero starts to lose their power. They become weak and have to regroup in order to gain their power back? It isn’t usually till they have completely given up that their power begins to kick in again.

Well tonight I can so identify with that scenario.

Yesterday a man named James Holmes opened fire in a theater killing and injuring many people. The news has heavy coverage of this story so I wont go into too much of the stories details. I just find it amazing how the media, with no evidence only speculation, has already painted this guy to be a brilliant man who either suffers from mental illness or had a hard time finding work. The media continues to glorify this man  despite the fact that he has murdered so many people.

This man is a terrorist. Nothing more or less.The media is not calling him that though.

I have a few beefs with this whole story.

The first beef is the obvious. This man has created a horrible tragedy on American soil. Many people there that weren’t physically injured, will suffer mental anguish for years to come. Lives have been lost, all of them young..and families are broken at the hands of this loon.

My second beef is the fact that the media is running with so much speculation. Why you may wonder? Because this guy looks like your neighbor. Someone you wouldn’t mind seeing your daughter go out on a date with. He didn’t grow up in a bad neighborhood, wasn’t poor. He completed his B.S. and was working on his PhD in Behavioral Science (imagine that).  The average white American, especially those in the media that have these kinds of degrees and similar images, can relate to him. He could be them! So for this reason he is being given so many passes. I’ve heard some call him brilliant. And maybe he is. Fuck that though, who calls someone that just opened fire in a theater, brilliant. I don’t care if he is Albert Einsteins great nephew. You do not give out compliments to terrorists when lives have been lost. It all falls under the different stereo types that plague this damn country. Had this man been different then your average American (Black, Muslim, undocumented, etc)…the story would ring such a different tune. Matter of fact, there was no chances for mental illness when our Muslim American soldier opened fire in Ft. Hood. Just like when officers that shoot unarmed black men while being cuffed, get acquitted. This is the playing field we have to deal with. No where near level.

My third beef is the fact that in the beginning of this month in NYC, 77 people were shot in a one week time period. One of those shot was a 3 year old child. Did this horrific crime wave get any media attention? Hell no it didn’t. Why not you ask? Well maybe you can tell me. The only thing different that most of the victims were minorities. NYC aint the only place. Chicago has had an ongoing violent streak that mostly gets attention if your actually living in Chicago. Makes mt think that if your victim is black, the life is not that important then those that are being killed while being white. Did these killers get a psych eval? Probably not. They probably just got thrown in jail because minority criminals aren’t glorified. Stereotypes are here, they are powerful and they are out in full force.

So yea. I am a bit overwhelmed with my own emotions. I feel like that superhero in that moment when she has lost her power and she needs to go to her cave, lay in a capsule and take the time to restore her powers.  In the meantime people, step outside of your boxes and look around at this country and how big these problems are that we are faced with.


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