Black Folks, We Need to Have a Talk


Okay I am going to get a little personal with you. Something you will rarely see me do. I am a black woman. I have been involved with the same guy for quite some time. Neither of us have money, nor have we ever had a lot of money. We both have goals that we are working toward. I use proper English when I speak and I know the time and place for any situation. The people I associate with are similar to me in these respects. The women, men, and the women or men they are involved with.

The reason I am sharing this information with you is because I am seeing an online epidemic that needs to be cured. Not just for the sake of getting along, but for our own mental health as individuals and as a people. By now, we are all fully aware of racism. We are familiar with the stereotypes that have been used against us. If not by our own experiences, at least by those that grace the pages of our newspapers everyday in regards to America’s first Black President and his family. We see non blacks refer to blacks as thugs, goons, crack addicts, criminals, defensive, angry, un-wed parents, and the list goes on. Since we got here, no matter what we do, we are not “the norm.” We are not “American” enough. Some states are even trying to keep us in our place by creating laws to criminalize our cultural differences (sagging pants, stop & frisk, SB 1070, etc).

Don’t you think we get enough hate without the hate I am seeing between black men and women. I see gender based stereotypes and complaints from black men and women, more than I see hate from other races toward blacks. I’ve seen black men speak of how black women only want money or have attitudes. I see black women speaking about how black men all cheat or chose their women based on certain physical appearances. It’s almost like we are taking lessons by those that hate us, on how to hate ourselves.

I don’t know about you but I am tired of the double down of stereotypes from those that hate me for my skin color, as well as those that hate me for their skin color. Fellas. ladies, if you don’t like the company you keep then re-create your scenery. If you see someone lumping you into a group of people based on your gender or race, prove them wrong with how you act. We need to start healing as a people so that we can rightfully expect our due respect from others. As long as your speaking badly about your brothers and sisters, you can expect the same by those that are looking for a reason to do the same.


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