Hella Excessive

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Sean Bell 


The Sean Bell shooting incident took place in the New York City borough of QueensNew YorkUnited States on November 25, 2006, when three men were shot at a total of fifty times by a team of both plainclothes and undercover NYPD officers, killing one of the men, Sean Bell, on the morning before his wedding, and severely wounding two of his friends, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman.[1] The incident sparked fierce criticism of the police from some members of the public and drew comparisons to the 1999 killing ofAmadou Diallo.[2] Three of the five detectives involved in the shooting went to trial[3] on charges ranging from manslaughter to reckless endangerment, and were found not guilty

Oscar Grant


Mehserle shot Grant in the back while Grant lay face down on a train platform. He and his friends had been pulled off the BART train for allegedly starting a fight, and several were in the process of being handcuffed when Mehserle pulled his pistol out of its holster and shot Grant.

Jordan Miles


“Where’s the money?” one shouted, according to Miles. “Where’s the gun? Where’s the drugs?” the other two said. “It was intimidating; I thought I was going to be robbed,” Miles said.

That’s when he says he took off back to his mother’s house but slipped on the icy sidewalk. Before he could pull himself up, Miles said, the men were at his back.

“That’s when they started beating me, punching, kicking me, choking me,” he said.
Not until 15 minutes later, when uniformed officers drove up in a van and Miles overheard their conversation, did he realize he had been arrested, he said. Initially, when the handcuffs were clamped around his wrists, he thought he was being abducted, he said.
The police believed Miles, who appeared to have something heavy in his pocket, was carrying a gun, according to the affidavit. The police say they used a stun gun on the teenager.
According to the affidavit, the object in Miles’ pocket turned out to be a bottle of Mountain Dew. But Miles says he didn’t have anything in his pocket and rarely drinks Mountain Dew.

Kendrec McDade

19-year-old Kendrec McDade (pictured above), who was unarmed when he was shot 7 times by police officers at point blank range, then handcuffed.

In data researched and compiled by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Black Left Unity Network, and U.S. Human Rights Network, the picture of how often — and fatally — Black people are victimized by police in this country becomes startling clear. Below are the details of the Black men and women who have been murdered at the hands of police so far this year:

Pattern of Murders By the Numbers Since January 1, 2012

Thirty cases of state sanctioned or justified murder of Black people in the first 3 months of 2012 alone have been found (due to under reporting and discriminatory methods of documentation, it is likely that there are more that our research has yet to uncover)

Of the 30 killed people, 20 were definitely unarmed. 2 probably had firearms, 8 were alleged to have non-lethal weapons.

Of the 30 killed people:

12 were innocent of any illegal behavior or behavior that involved a threat to anyone (although the killers claimed they looked “suspicious”);

8 were emotionally disturbed and/or displaying strange behavior.

The remaining 10 were either engaged in illegal or potentially illegal activity, or there was too little info to determine circumstances of their killing.

It appears that in all but two of these cases, illegal and/or harmful behavior could have been stopped without the use of lethal force.

In most cases, where planned, investigations of the deaths have not been completed.

Note: Only seven of the 30 killed people were over 30 years old and two of the six were 31 years old. Two were women.

It also includes the tragic case of 19-year-old Ramarley Graham (pictured above) who was profiled, chased to his grandmother’s house by the NYPD, and then murdered in the bathroom.

Source: NewsOne


One thought on “Hella Excessive

  1. The sad part the higher up the ladder seeking
    justice in going / the more corruption one sees
    the more corrupt it becomes. One should never
    let ones self be consumed by their anger at the
    appalling injustice that one experiences / doing
    such is but a crime against all those around as
    upon yourself /which in serving no true purpose.

    The police force / but a magnet for psychopaths
    where they can commit appaling acts of injustice
    and freely get away with the most appalling acts
    of brutality /in that police will defend other police
    they do not as a rule go turn against each other
    thus appalling crimes / none brought to account.

    This is not to say all police are bad / its in saying
    many are very sick minded individuals / whom in
    truth should never have been allowed in uniform
    never allowed be in an position where they could
    freely kill as commit brutal actions of the cruelest
    violence against the many whom most vulnerable.

    One need take account / majority of police are
    not psychopaths but decent souls / thus do not
    be blinded by minority / whom true pstchopaths.
    One can tend to see all police as being corrupt
    as being the same with politicians /yet reality be
    police as politicians the majority (decent people.

    For those whom seek a means dealing with one
    being a victim / their mounting / varied emotions.

    In dealingtroubled emotions meditation is good
    meditation is one’s turning their senses inward
    in a unfolding of spiritual self // such can gain a
    strength within /in which one then abled to cope
    with the troubled feelings which are but causing
    one’s gravest concern / due to verbal as mental
    physical abuse /such abuse that a psychopaths
    gain their pleasure from in causing their victims
    mental state of terror & inflicting / physical pain.

    If one wish turn to meditation as a means of cure
    if be a victim on PC search put (words of peace)
    or put (words of peace global) on site a selection
    of videos which Prem explains meditation / ones
    turning their senses inward / in unfolding that of
    ones spiritual being. of course / such knowledge
    is for all people / as is fully open unto all people
    one abled balance the spiritual with the material
    life be seen as a gift of joy / which an right of all.

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