Viva La Revolution!! [PHOTOS]

Wow! A lot has been going on since my last post.

School has been whoopin my arse with two papers a week. For that reason I have been kinda laggin in the blog department, but here I am.

So a month ago yesterday, a movement started. It began with people in New York marching against many many things, but the united message was to get corruption and greed out of our government. The movement started off as being called Occupy Wall Street. Now it is referred to as just Occupy. There is no leader and there is no representative. This movement is by definition, by the people and for the people.

Last night a video reached the internets with a man who had no problem voicing his concerns to the police for the things they were doing. If you watch anything, this would be it. His name is Sgt Shamar Thomas.  His whole family has served this country and this priceless video brought up some serious concerns. Unlike the beginning of these protests, this mans video got great media attention. I will leave you with this video. Please do share with your friends.

Please read on…

When this movement began the news was on hush! No media coverage what so ever. I find it amazing that those media chumps can hop on a plane and risk their life in a violent protest in Iran or Egypt, but can’t hop in their car to drive to a peaceful protest right outside their windows. It wasn’t until cities all over the country started protesting in solidarity, that the media decided to pay a little attention. Even then, the media emphasized how the protesters “had no message” or “no goal,” implying that the cause was pointless and radical. It’s funny how the media couldn’t sway the public’s mind on how this protest was representing itself. The movement went from New York to Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Chicago, Portland, Tuscon, Boston, and every single other city. Within days unions organized and became a strong force of this movement. Neatly dressed in their uniforms, 700 Pilots, from a variety of airlines, even decided to join in to protest their concerns.

Times Square


New York


Times Square

Los Angeles

                                                                                                                                                   Los Angeles


On Saturday October 15th, the movement took a whole notha turn. I kept hearing people like Van Jones and Al Sharpton warn that this movement was just getting started and to expect to see big changes on October 15th.  So Saturday came and Sharpton led his rally for jobs alongside the gathering for the MLK jr memorial. New York split up their protests with thousands of people in various places and they all met up at 5pm in Times Square.  Not only did the numbers increase by the thousands in New York, they also increased by the thousands in cities all over the country. That’s not it though. The movement became global and hundreds of thousands of people congregated world-wide to protest the corruption and greed from corporation involvement with government.

Seeing people all over the world have the same concerns of those in our country, shows me how deeply intertwined corporate corruption is.

Gothenburg Sweden

Madrid Spain





Hong Kong


Tel Aviv

Not to change the subject, but another issue that was taking place during the protests was mucho police brutality. The month  started off with a Lt Bologna, randomly macing folks that were not doing anything wrong. I guess he’s supposed to be under some kind of internal affairs investigation because he was caught on tape. Although I haven’t heard a damn thing about it since it happened.  There are many photos of folks being pinned down by cops with a knee to the neck. There are people being dragged. in Boston the other night, Veterans for Peace got bum rushed and arrested just for holding up their flags. O.o The police throwing around elderly men got caught on video as well.  Simultaneously police raided Seattle, Atlanta and Boston in the middle of the night when they thought the media wouldn’t be paying any attention.  Almost as if this was an organized effort to stop people from exercising their right to peaceful protests. There is one person whose ankle was run over by a police bike. There are photos to support this.


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