Effects of Slavery: Introduction

Slavery is one many things that affect all Americans. There are so many people who don’t understand the huge impression that slavery has on our country physically and psychologically. Many people tend to think that since slavery is over, it should no longer concern us. This way of thinking is extremely untrue and dangerous. Slavery has everything to do with anything that pertains to, or that evolve around, race. From neighborhoods and cities with high black populations to states with almost no black population, slavery is the root of how we have evolved demographically. Not to mention stereotypes, blatant and subtle racism, education, voting, perceptions of affirmative action for minorities vs. our country’s history of affirmative action for those of European descent. Also, a term that many people hear and refuse to learn about, white privilege. The history of the 3/5ths rule and how it tends to affect how our media portrays black Americans during election time.

Over the next few weeks I will be writing a series of blogs to discuss how slavery affects us all today. I am extremely excited about getting this information out to the masses. So please read and share so that we can live in a more educated society. The only way to improve the powers that be, is to acknowledge our flaws and then discuss them.


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