We Pay Your Salary, You Work For Us!

Just a little while ago was news that the Supreme Court of this “great” United States made a decision to assassinate a man named Troy Davis from Georgia who has been proven to be NOT guilty for murdering a cop. This man has spent many years in jail dodging numerous attempts at his death. Seven of nine witnesses recanted their testimony, and there is no evidence that supports his guilt. You can google the facts though, I won’t be indulging in facts tonight. Tonight I am going to discuss change.

I am usually pretty optimistic, inspired by thoughts, and excited by ideas when it comes to working toward change. I have this need in me to change the world. I see whats wrong, think of ways to fix it and then set my mind to accomplish those goals. My bubble was burst tonight. Every element of this Troy Davis case was comparable to someone (me)  getting their asses beat. I don’t mean a high school brawl but a real beat down. One of those beat downs when there is 4 people on one, and one person kicks you in your ribs while you’re trying to get up. You fall and start to get up again and someone else comes in with another kick to your ribs. One of those kinds of beat downs where you’re down and you can’t get back up. You just lay there and take it. It hurts like hell but you’re so badly beaten that you can’t even raise your finger. You can’t block your self. You can’t cry out. All you can do is lay there and take it. Tonight, the problems that have been brought to the surface are so huge, there is no bright idea or group effort to organize to make this right.  America, the people, are down for the count.

Since there is so much to touch, I will go in order of the events that brought Troy Davis to his soon to be death. So let’s start with the police. Our country has a system that gives certain rights to states to govern. The states make the laws pertaining to these issues, and carry them out. Federal government is banned from intervening in any of these issues. Some examples of those laws are gun rights, capital punishment, programs for the poor, etc. The issue I am deeply unhappy with tonight is crooked ass cops. The problem with police brutality and corruption are much larger than we would like to think. While many cases go unreported, you can do a YouTube search and spend the whole day watching videos of police beating women, children, elderly, etc..

So the entire reason that Troy Davis is dying tonight begins with “police coercion and intimidation.” Police coerced and intimidated people so that Davis would be punished for their friend’s death. How do we fix this?  How do we fix a problem that exists in every state? A problem that has left many dead with no justice for their death. A problem that has caused many to actually lose trust in the very people who are hired to protect and serve us? A problem that has created such a fear in the black and Latin community, depending on the state you go to.  The only way to fix this problem is to make it a federal entity. Create federal laws with federal repercussions. Not only for the wrong doers but those that cover up any wrong doing. Create regulations that have to be upheld, and a place for any American to report any wrong doing with the guarantee that the he/she will be taken seriously. Police incomes are paid by tax payers. They are supposed to be working for us. We need a police reform.

Lastly, our government consists of elected and appointed officials. The supreme court members are chosen by the President in office at the time of the appointment. Supreme court justices are in their position until they resign. It is a life long position. Over the past couple years we have seen that no matter how large the conflict of interest, no matter how biased their stance, no matter how many illegal sexual relationships they have; a supreme court justice aint goin no where.  Congress, on the other hand, is elected. These congress men and women are elected by their districts constituents to represent the people. During the last couple years we have seen that some of these congress men and women only represent the corporations that donate large to their campaign. We have seen that no matter how many constituent letters, phone calls, emails, and visits they get; they will never stand up in defense of the people.  What can we do to change this?

In regards to the Supreme Court we need an amendment to the constitution that provides a path for the people to impeach these appointed officials.  I admit, a good Supreme Court justice is one I would love to keep forever. For that reason I don’t mind a lifetime appointment, but we definitely need to be heard when we are unhappy with what they do once appointed. We pay the salaries of our Supreme Court judges. They work for us so we should be able to fire them.

In regards to congress, since these employees are elected by the people who pay their salaries, we need to reform how they carry out their job in representing the people. There needs to be a ban on corporate contributions and corporate lobbying. Corporations are NOT people my friend and our government needs to reflect this as such.

I am tired of having my ass handed to me by those that we’ve hired to represent us. They are holding our head under water and waiting for us to stop breathing. We need to get up and remind them we put them there and we can take them out. We have a long way to go before these changes ever take place so we should start fighting for this as soon as possible.


4 thoughts on “We Pay Your Salary, You Work For Us!

  1. I understand your tormenting. I against all brutality but the matter is more complicated than you and I think.

    I saw what police do with the people and can remember the case of ‘Rodney King’ in California in 1991 through the ‘Time’ and ‘News Week’, then I myself was affected by them but the law prevent me in numerous ways to go further.

    After almost 19 years finishing my Masters in business, I finished my LL.B degree for seeing the what ‘Law’ says. Now I got a lot of answers why do this and that is happening as ‘Law’ is the ultimate resort and determination for every thing whether you are alert or not.

    I just ask you ———How do we live in this beautiful world with sheer of variety nature of people
    as they maximum are unaware about the rights of other?

    How to reduce the injustice as you are more strong physically than I ——–you do not like me in many ways and I do silently? You need some systems that is ‘Law’, you like or not.

    Now question of implementation ————here all corruption lies as I am very much clever and unethical so every loophole have I just follow it.

    We need ethics rather meritorious students. If we can not ensure ethics and better education to every individual we can not never maintain this world a happy world whatever we say day by day.

    Pls. see my www,about.com Tom head Forum at Regarding better education or wwww. englishtest.net for ‘Should we only need meritorious guys from the School’?

  2. Now, I’m going to put this out there – I’m a right winger and even I can’t see what the man did wrong. I know Liberals don’t like associating with us, but I do like reading this blog so I can evaluate and judge for myself a situation from both sides of the spectrum, and so far this one seems to be in favor of the executed man. If resorting to killing another man to show others it’s wrong is the steps this country takes to lowering crime rates, than this country needs a kick in the head.

    So yes, I am a right wing white male but I support the rights of this man to the very end. It’s not about black or white, because we are all human.

  3. Hi William!

    I like your conclusion line——Yes I support your whether it is black or white realization as you are really an educated one. I am not an American nor an African but I am illuminated by the best writers
    books in your country- like ‘The adventure of Huckleberry Fin’ by Mark Twain, character of Fin and
    Jim are the most memorable; again ‘Roots’ by Alex Hally, Kunte Kante main character including many- like Britain or Russian doesn’t matter as I know all disparity by the so called quarter educated politicians -almost all!

    Sorry I read them 30 years ago, I now am 45, I can’t still forget them. I realized just it is the nacket politics that apart the truth and lie for somebodies profit———-I can not accept the lies so that I am
    fighting in Bangladesh like to fight in the USA very soon to eliminate all the evils—-those are lyres and contaminated the world for nothing where my goal only is humanism. I don’t know the religion, race, disparity whatever it is.

    • I understand completely – as a conservative man (I use the label loosely, I would say I’m a moderate Republican at best, even more a right wing Democrat), I cannot stand to see such injustice in this world. We as people leave this world for the next generation to fix, so It’s my duty to make sure our generation leaves this world for my children and their children.

      I do support conservatism in most of its forms, but I do keep an open mind and always try a liberal approach to topics as well. Any person who doesn’t look at an argument from both sides will always have bias – and the very goal I have made in my life is to be fair, balanced and non-discriminatory. And you have genuinely good English for someone who isn’t a native English speaker! Good luck with your endeavors friend, and should we meet, I always put aside any political differences and talk to the person – It’s who they are that counts.

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