A Riot Is The Language of the Unheard

Courtesy of The New Republic

So when do we start this riot? We are definitely unheard right now. The republican party is trying to reform our entire country. From social security, to unemployment, to Medicare and Medicaid. Right now, we have republican nominees debating who is going to do the best job at turning this country into a corporation and take away everything that is related to government. All while they enjoy their large tax-payer financed salaries and good ole tax payer financed government health care.

The other day I read an article that Jeb Bush is leading a FOR-PROFIT national disaster response company. All while many on the right are saying we need to get rid of FEMA. So let me get this right, a tornado plows through my house and I can get the help I need, by lacing Jeb Bush’s wallet with money that I don’t have, in a time where everything I do have is gone. Is this the American way?

Oh and let’s not forget the last republican debate, when Ron Paul was asked about health care. The GOP-Tea drinking crowd  cheered at the notion of letting someone die because he was faced with lethal health dilemmas and no health care. Some of the members of my Liberal and Proud page tried to defend Paul by saying “wull he wasn’t the one who cheered,” but he also didn’t say anything what so ever when his crowd of voters did cheer. Paul wasn’t alone though. Not one of those candidates stood up for life, while they claim they are pro-life candidates. So is a life only important when it’s pre-birth? Or is the GOP really just contradicting themselves like they tend to do quite often. Less government intrusion unless it has to do with your sexual preference, your womb, your right to get service in any public establishment, your right to vote, your right to health, or your right to life.

Sometimes I think republicans want to lose this election. The largest bloc of voters is the elderly. Yes, the elderly, meaning those that rely on social security and health care that is provided to them through the government. Republicans get on that stage and compete over who can shun these “entitlement” programs the best. Yet they don’t seem to take it to seriously when they have the elderly showing up to their events heckling them over social security. You also have cookoo’s like Michelle Bachman saying they think it would be a good idea if the United States got rid of the minimum wage and brought wages down to match the cost of labor overseas. Imagine that. With gas prices and grocery prices soaring, getting paid 3.25 an hour (at the most) and working full-time. You would be bringing home a little bit over 500.00 a month. That wouldn’t even cover my rent let alone a car note, gas bill, electric bill, phone bill, etc.

All of this is an example of politicians trying to make it so the government controls the people. Making it so we the people have fewer options, less rights as Americans and as humans, less safety nets with our income, and less safety nets against corporate America’s greed over the American people. Our government was created to work so that the people controlled the government. With all that being said, it is time to riot. The people’s passion for politics and the well-being of our society, has increased since the 2008 elections. It is time for us to start using that passion to riot by running for office, voting, and protesting in every way we can to make sure we are no longer unheard. It is time to show up to our representatives offices and express what we the people want from our government. Sure, emailing and phone calls are great, but interns respond to emails and voice mails get deleted. We need for our employees (elected officials) to remember our faces and have something on paper to remind them of our demands. We have been underestimating the power of the tea party since they came into existence, and since then they have begun to control those in office with their extreme antics. Because of this, so many of our rights have been threatened, so it is time for us to yell louder than our opposition. We need to take our country back.

Corporations are people my friend. – Mit Romney (pfft)


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